My Best Friend

He has been my best friend for ages now. Someone I have grown up with…an inseparable part of my life…someone who will be with me quite literally as long as I live. He is the only one who has been with me through the good times and the bad, through the high points and when I got high.

He is the only one who knows me (though I leave him out in the darker parts of my life). He is always there when I need him though sometimes he seems light years away. He helps me see the sunshine in my life. Sometimes he leads the way, sometimes he follows in my footsteps.

When everything seems bloody hopeless and screwed up, he is there to show me that there is a small beacon of hope lit up at the end of this god-forsaken tunnel of life.

We never much felt the need for words, so we hardly ever talk. We don’t need to. Everything between us is black and white. We are bound to each other by mutual need, each giving the other our identity. He is my silent lucidity.

We are so inseperable that sometimes it gets tough to say who is who's shadow ...