So Close, No Matter How Far

We live in the so called “jet age.” Here a place is a plane ticket away, any object we desire is just a card swipe away; people are just a push of a button away. It seems money has demolished physical distances and built up emotional ones.

The more the means of means to communicate have multiplied, the more the reasons to communicate have gone, or seem less important. The blame for being out of touch has shifted from the mail-man to the service providers – Hutch, Airtel and whatnot.

Remember those days (or at least as you saw in the old black and white films) where a mailman’s visit was as awaited as Santa Claus.

Just a few years ago, in school perhaps, we used to use the landlines to call up friends with whom we, possibly, had just spent the whole day with. There was always some reason – a new titbit to give, gossip to catch up on etc.

In college, it was e-mail and Yahoo and MSN. And we sent cards, letters, and small useless mails just to keep in touch. Wasn’t that the sign-offline most of you used – “Keep in touch…” The landlines had taken a back seat.

Then, of course, communication came to our pockets in the form of cell phones – the world was never any smaller. And the mails and insta-messaging became more of a pastime.

And now, the online communities spread like wildfire burning up our need for the landline, the mails, the IMs, and sometimes even the cell phone. Our world is Orkut.

When we have all the simple ways and means to stay in touch, how much do we actually bother? We always find reasons not to get in touch with someone. Sure we have them on our contacts, have added them as friends, put them in our address books and all over the place, but more often than not they are just a measure of your popularity.

There seem to be a lack very pressing enough reason to talk to friends. When was the last time you called your best bud from college? Those titbits and bits of gossip are not important enough anymore. Are they?

Dear Me In The Future

Dear me in the future,

How are you? How is it there? I don't quite know when you will get this letter. But i hope that the journey to wherever you are now was good. Kind of gets me starting to think of all the sights and sounds that you must have seen. On this final August night, i cant help but think of all the things i want to do, places i want to go, things i want to achieve before i get this letter.

Did you do all of that? i don't think so. After all what did i want to do except live my life carefree and happy? And as for places to go - i always wanted to be there for whenever my friends or family needed me. And the one thing i want more than anything else is just my peace of mind.

And if you have one iota of common sense, you would not have wasted time doing all these things. i know you would have a fabulous job, great house in the city, a car even maybe by now - that should have satisfied me. You would have travelled to tons of places, seen the world - that should satisfy my wanderlust. All the have money and respect you have earned by now should give me my peace of mind.

For all of what you might have, in a world where nothing ever stays the same you are probably left with the only thing that you cannot change - your past. Me!

Sorry if i disappointed you in any way. i don't know how you have lived your life till whenever you are, but as i now read the letter to me from my past, i cant stop the tears as i see the simple things that i had once wanted. Somewhere down the line i went astray. i still don't have that awesome collection of comics, haven't visited the people i love most in this world -my grandparents- in years and worst of all, again have not kept my promise that i wouldn't ever have to write a letter to warn me against who i have become. And now its too late.

Anyway, future me, all i can do is wish i never write this letter again.
Stay well,