A Date with Death

Have you ever chickened out of a date? I have--plenty of times. She was beautiful and very attractive. And she even kind of liked me!! But, my mom and dad never approved of her. My doctor kept trying to “save” me from her. My priest used to string endless number of rosaries to keep her at bay. Hell! Even my insurance agent talked about her.

She was damn infamous, though she did do a lot of volunteer work in hospitals and emergency rescue teams. She said she wanted to ease their pain and suffering if nothing else.

The first time I asked her out was after my class 10 results. I did so bloody badly! And I knew only she would understand how hard I’d tried. She wouldn’t look at me accusingly like my parents or mockingly like my friends. But after asking her out, I got cold feet and cancelled.

The next time was when the ‘love of my life’ decided that ‘love of her life’ was better than me. I wanted to head straight for her comforting arms and bawl my misery out. Only my ego kept me from meeting her that day. Me cry in front of someone? Never !!

There were lots of other dates…made and cancelled for some reason or the next.
That doesn’t mean that I did not spend time with her. She and I have had our rendezvous’ at the graveyard which was both of our favourite haunts. I found the place very peaceful while she loved to look at the tombstone and imagine what the owner must have looked like.

Those were just meetings though; not what one would call a date. We have been friends for years now but I never had the courage to ask her out on a date. I never did muster enough guts to ask her out. She knew how I felt about her. How could she not? And she was right. I would die to go out with her.

Someday I will go on that date…and be In Her Arms.

In Her Arms

living is no fun anymore
She is the purpose of life
with Her I can live forever
lifes a dream and in Her arms
all my dreams will end.

there are many who lust for Her
i need Her more than them
all the nights spent dreaming about Her
will seem like fleeting seconds
once I am in Her arms

She beckons me silently
waiting with open arms
and promises unspoken
all the rolling river of tears
will freeze at Her icy touch.

in Her eyes I see eternity
Her touch will give me wings
She will give me serenity
and I would give up anything
to sleep in Her arms tonight.