Oh My Gawd!!

I am not very religiously inclined but even if I was I would be hard pressed to choose one which allowed me to practice my faith without fear of some sort of harm to my personal self. Let’s do a run down of some of the major ones …

Let’s start with my ‘birth religion’ as it were – Christianity. I go to a church and keep a nervous eye on the door for a bunch of ‘pro-my, anti-your religion’ hoodlums to come in and trash the place.

As for Hinduism – the very basic fear is that I go a place of worship and immediately have a claustrophobia attack and if not that, then someone with a claustrophobia attack will trigger a stampede that will bury instead of cremate me.

If I were a Muslim, I would be in constant fear of life and limb for reasons that need not be enunciated here. For all I know, one day I will be in a mosque imploring the blessings of Allah and the next thing I know is that a bomb has sent me to him.

The worst fate of all reserved for the religion I practise now. When I proclaim my religious inclination to member of a different faith, I get a ‘what the hell is wrong with you’ quizzical stare or a ‘poor chap will go to hell’ pitiful stare or a ‘better change your view or else’ dirty stare.

My religion is popularly called Atheism but one that I like to call Humanity – something that nobody practices. Well so far, so good …