In Her Arms

living is no fun anymore
She is the purpose of life
with Her I can live forever
lifes a dream and in Her arms
all my dreams will end.

there are many who lust for Her
i need Her more than them
all the nights spent dreaming about Her
will seem like fleeting seconds
once I am in Her arms

She beckons me silently
waiting with open arms
and promises unspoken
all the rolling river of tears
will freeze at Her icy touch.

in Her eyes I see eternity
Her touch will give me wings
She will give me serenity
and I would give up anything
to sleep in Her arms tonight.


Ghetufool said...

you know what, those who lust for her, also think the same things as you do.
otherwise, nice poem. welcome to the world of blogosphere...or shall i say, hail the re-birth.

Anon said...

Cold eyes...cold to touch...and in her arms, you'll definitely be (out) cold.