An Affair to Remember

i have an affair ... its secret ... but never mind, she knows and i know and that is all that matters.
she is blind ... but never mind, she speaks and sings most exquisitely in so many different tones .
she has expensive tates ... but never mind, the sweet nothings she whispers in my ear are worth it.
she insists on coming eveywhere with me ... but never mind, that increases the intimacy.
she's not from India ... but never mind, love is blind to colors and cultures.
she disturbs me in the night ... but never mind, that's the best part.
she has so much in her ... but never mind, i just love exploring.
she has so many buttons ... but never mind, that only makes things easy.
she keeps my hands busy ... but never mind, i just love doing that.


Zannah said...

love in the time of electronics? ;)

Prisni said...

You got your new phone!!!

Scout said...

the iPhone sure haunts you. :)

kaushik said...

Awesome bit of art!

Ace of Spades said...

thanks guys. but after all that i still dont have my new phone. i think that was a fantasy.

Ghetufool said...

what model was it?