Don't ... Just Don't

When was the last time that you were admonished for misbehavior? If you rack your brain hard enough (or not, depending on your Calvin proficiency), chances are that most likely you were told “DO NOT …” It is always “DONT DO THIS” or “DONT DO THAT.” The point being that good and positive behavior is taught in a negative vein or what not to do instead of what to do.

From the days that you were a kid, you mom, or a similar representative authority, would scold and in some cases bash the living daylights out of you for your mischief. Chances are the verbal thrashings would likely include a list of what you should have not done.
Over the years most teachings about leading a good moral life has been imparted by telling you what is taboo rather than what isn’t. Take one of the most famous set of religious code of ethics – The 10 Commandments. 8 of then begin with the dire warning - “Thou Shalt Not ...”

Take the basic Gandhian principle – ahimsa. What is ahimsa? NON-Violence! It is never described as peace or passive resistance or anything of that sort. It tells you what it is not.

Go out on the road and a million signs will stare you in the face - Do Not Blow Horn, Do Not Spit, Do Not Pass Urine, Do Not Stick Bills, No Parking, No U-Turn, Do Not Throw Garbage, ... ... ... do not breath till your very life depends on it …

In the end, all these negative instructions begs the question – are all human beings born with vices which need to be cured in the one lifetime that they have?


Scout said...

hmmm.. i like this. negativity might not always help in reforms. btw, sav, keep up the good work. DO NOT be lazy ;)

Sayantani said...

and DO NOT covet thy neighbour's wife!