I Walk Alone

At sundown i lie with a broken heart
Same old shadows stretch across the street
Same old memories back to haunt me
As between silence and space i linger.

It falls all around me ... silence ...
The calmness deafening in my head
Darkness spreads its fingers
Into every corner of my soul.

Nights offer comfort, sleep solace
On the wings of a dream i fly
With the saddest thoughts to guide my way
But come the morn, i'll walk alone.

The serenity of dreams is shattered
By the silent screams of the heart
And each hope is killed
By the sure, swift blows of fate

Every night i tell myself
This loneliness cant last much more
Darkness will soon turn to light
All i have is a lifetime to go ....


preeti said...

know what...i tried to feel silence too but there are so many voices in my head and so cacaphony around me. i cannot.
is this bliss?

Ace of Spades said...

bliss is that instant in ur life when suddenly everything around you is shut out and you feel ... nothing ... just your existance!!!