In The End ...

The whispers of the night catch my imagination
They talk to me, they taunt me, mock me
They know me, who i am
My shadow is bound to me
As i am bound to this world
Fragile thoughts resound in my head
Crashing…searching for a release
Breaking and flowing down my cheeks
In the darkness i live
In my solitude i grow
i can be alone, yet not lonely
And lonely and yet not alone
In the end you are my solitude
In the end you are my loneliness
In the end, its you…


Ghetufool said...
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Ghetufool said...

yeah, i guess, everybody wants to break free. but the most amazing part is the people behind the situations, which causes us to break free and vanish in the thin air, are also struggling to break free. i guess, life is a punishment. it was not needed. or was it the most important aspect?

welcome to blogworld again. don't disappoint us, surely, the blog scenario is recovering after a brief slump.

Ace of Spades said...

ghetu ... my blog does not necessarily talk about a tangilbe person. it could even be a dream or a moment. its upto the reader to fill in that blank.
looks like yours is a person.

preeti said...

missed your posts. sometimes, they resonate what i try to supress and sometimes they express what i find difficult to.
people, perceptions, thoughts.....

Ace of Spades said...

sometimes i feel blessed when i find the words. but most of the times i wriet a line or words when they come to mind and later on try to string them together.

PRISNI said...

Inhibition to me is by far the most complex, it seems to never leave anyone behind, sooner or later it catches up with you:).
Sometimes, I think we deny ourselves the ultimate truth, that is, that we are alone. Loneliness is just a phase..

Scout said...

this is fantastic

Ace of Spades said...

thnaks scout - thos 3 words is thebest comment i have got yet!
and prisni - keep coming back for more. loneliness never goes away ... :)