If I could Wish Upon A Star

One for sorrow, two for joy, three for letter, four for toy. Every one of us has recited this rhyme at some time or the other in our life when we have happened to spy a mynah in one of these combinations. That, for me, is innocence at its peak. Much has been said about “innocence lost.” And much of that much is true.

A comic I was reading today reminded me of one of my absolute favouritest instance in my life – no surprise it was when I was a tiny-tot. I was with my aunt on her terrace at dusk. And the first star had just started winking at the earth. My aunt turned to me and asked, “do you know the star rhyme wish?” “No,” I said. She replied, “repeat after me...” So I closed my eyes tight and wished loudly with all my heart, “Start bright star light, first start I see tonight, I wish I get ...” And to my immense surprise, I got my ‘wish’ a few days later on my birthday.

Till today I make a wish if I happen to see the first star – though with no hope of it coming true. That is where the catch is. My aunt told me that evening that whatever I should want whatever I asked for with all my heart or else it won’t come true. No wonder then I still see terror attacks, poverty and a bank account that is sans a billion million rupees.

What would it take so that the next time we wish on that last sip of cold drink or a fallen eyelash or the first star, there is some hope of it coming true?

By the way, that night years ago, I had wished for a Street Hawk.


Ghetufool said...

street hawk! and you got the mean machine ... i mean a substitute of it. how lucky.

Shuv said...

sparrow..wasnt it?

Ace of Spades said...

@ ghetu - i had that gifted to me once a year for three years straight

@shuv - sparrows actually fit since i dont remember when i last saw a mynah

Salil said...

Myna it was. I also used to count the number of white cars - because somebody told me if I saw a specific number (I dont recollect now), it would be a lucky day.
I agree, much of that much is true!

Ace of Spades said...

@salil - dint know about the white cars but anything would do for the sake of hope. keep visiting.