Satyam Shivam Sumdaram

That apparently means "Truth is God and God is beautiful"
As of this week, one down, two to go.

Is it really surprising that ‘truth’ has fallen? After all it is only everyday that someone somewhere is cooking up a story to feed you.

Let's start the examples with our beloved politicians - enough said.
The government lies – there is no such thing as tax-free.
Your vegetable vendor lies – yes potatoes are cheaper elsewhere.
Weathermen – I once met one who was caught in the rain.
Horoscopes – else Bejan Daruwala would be heading the Planning Commission.
Advertisements lie – all the axe in the world won’t help some people.
Your boss lies – you deserved that promotion or hike ages ago
The kaamwali bai lies - one person can have that many relatives who keep dying/falling sick.
Your friends lie – they were free last weekend.
You get the picture. Add as you see fit.

We have even invented different sorts of lies to accord various degree of evil. So a white lie is acceptable, a noble lie is something politicians lay claim to, a jocose lie is something I am subjecting you to right now. Key in 'LIE' in Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

Our language is also suited to fuddle meanings. Sample the conundrum in this sentence in any language you know: "This sentence is false."

Gandhi introduced us to the principles of ahimsa and truth. That was over 60 years ago. It’s time for them to retire and make way for new credos. ‘See no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth’ or simply, make like Lady Justice, tie a blindfold and pretend to ‘see the truth.’

Today there is no vendor of truth in India. Of course, there are no buyers either.
And that my friends, is the Truth.

Satyamev Jayte.


ghetufool said...

truth is not dead. only nowadays you have to take help of lies to attain the truth.
if you tell a girl the truth, she will slap you. you tell her the lies, she will kiss you and things will ultimately role down to the truth. lies help us to attain truth sometimes. they are ways and means.

Ace of Spades said...

jhooth bole kawva kaate,
kale kawve se dariyo.
but maybe all the lies make you appreciate the truth more if and when you hear it.

amitha said...

oooohhhhhhh...welcome to the cynisim club! but don't lose faith yet, my friend. what goes around has to come around!

meanwhile, listen to Anup's infallible wisdom.

Miracle said...

"This truth is your truth, this truth is my truth, but in this whole world there is just no truth."

And yes Gandhi's truth was not even his truth.

Ghetu's truths and lies will need a lots and lots of Axe i guess :)

Ace of Spades said...

@amitha - cynicism is the best lie of all :)

@ Miracle - the one ttruth about Gandhi is unpublishable here.

Eveline said...

Truth is something that fits into society... We all speak the truth...we all lie... just depends on how each person sees it.

Ace of Spades said...

perception of the spoken word is the most common excuse to wriggle out of admitting you lied :)

THUDL said...

man what a crappy article, dont you have things to do?

well i'm lying,sometimes the negative things people say bout you, might be lies too, so you dont have to fret over harsh words, kinda liberating isnt it?

Ace of Spades said...

@ Thudl - point made :)

Shuv said...

what about raju's satyam?

Ace of Spades said...

@shuv - Raju was the inspiration for the post ...

Salil said...

Excellent post Ace. Funny at the same time profound.
I don't subscribe to ends justifying means, which I believe is the reason people are so carefree while lying.
Keep them coming.